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My First 7 Amazon Affiliate Sales Felt Like A Million Bucks: Here’s How I did It

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Are you looking to make your first few affiliate sales? As a blogger, it’s difficult getting your blog off the ground. If you think that’s difficult, try making your first few affiliate sales. In this post, I’ll outline how I sold my first seven items as an affiliate of a reputable affiliate program.

Seasoned, and beginner bloggers alike, know all too well what it’s like to encounter setbacks and disappointments in their blogging business. They also know what it’s like to encounter, even if momentarily, joy when they start to earn from their industriousness. It’s a love-hate relationship, and most bloggers I’ve encountered can attest to that.

Launching and operating a blog is a tedious and headbanging process, but earning your first few dollars takes the cake.

After joining the blogosphere, I religiously stalked my affiliate dashboard in hopes that I’d make a sale, and since my blog was almost abandoned for two years, it took awhile to get me there.

Nonetheless, those affiliate sales did come.

An Abandoned Blog and Not Enough Time  

Like I said, the blog was left stagnant for about two years. I was going through the motions and swamped with clientele work. To be honest, I got comfortable; Money was already streaming in from my virtual assistant business to care for my bills and quality time was spent with my husband. I was doing what I loved and wasn’t opened to change.

But, after deciding to take this blogging business seriously, it was clear that time was needed to make it work. I decided to spend less time building someone else’s empire and establish my own.

Blogging Blues and the Emotional Roller Coaster

Without a support group or family who understands what you do as a blogger, it can get lonely. The system I had in place was terrible, and the motivation to get stuff done was non-existent.

You can relate, right?

Some days you’d get all those bright ideas to improve your blog and drive more traffic, but then everything spirals out of control. It’s terrifying!

My initial love for blogging waned and I was only going through the motions – an emotional roller coaster, if you may. But, my outlook changed when I saw seven sales from my affiliate dashboard.

Hope Restored At Last – A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Ever had to wrestle just to earn your first few affiliate sales to keep your Amazon affiliate ID alive? You know the frustration. Some bloggers do great after a launch, but others deflate.

It comes with the territory. My relief, however, came when I made my first Amazon affiliate sales.

Here’s what happened.

I’d stalk my Amazon affiliate dashboard daily. It was always cricket. However, things started happening – it was slow – but it happened. When I saw my first seven affiliate sales, I was floored, but skeptical.

Why the skepticism? As someone who has managed several affiliate accounts for clients, I had access to other dashboards. I thought the sales were made on my client’s website. He was killing it in Amazon affiliate sales and since his reports showed up on my backend, I thought I was viewing his affiliate ID.

After confirming, I was wrong. Yas! Those sales were mine and I was instantly elevated on a pedestal. What does an excited blogger do? They share the news with friends on Facebook or take screenshots and blast it on Whatsapp for well-meaning friends to chime in. I chose the latter.

Hope restored, at last! This small, but significant, milestone empowered my resolve and gave me the oomph I needed to put my poker face on and get to work.

Maybe you’re going through the same frustration. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but it’s possible to get your blog to a good place.

I won’t brag about how easy it is as a blogger; it’s rough. It takes time and patience, something new bloggers tend to lack – something I lacked when my journey commenced. The little work I was putting in on my website showed promising results, and just after writing an article about how to get rid of no see ums, it was already showing up in search results for the 20th result.

How I Made My First Seven Amazon Affiliate Sales With Ridiculously Low Traffic

If you’re wondering, yes, that article made the first few Amazon affiliate sales on the blog. When those sales came, my traffic was garbage. The blog was getting less than 50 views per day!

But, because those views were from search engines – Google and Bing – that made a huge difference. Internet searchers who found that article had a problem they needed help with, and the article provided just that.

1. Keyword Research

My method is simple: Never aim for a keyword that has intense competition, especially when your blog is new and without a blog following. Think small and then grow from there.

Instead of aiming for short tail keywords, I sought out long tail ones. Ahrefs Keyword Planner was my go-to tool. Ahrefs is pricy for new bloggers, but you can try  Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest as free alternative tools.

Keyword Everywhere is a keyword discovery tool that’s compatible with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers. It’s used a standalone tool to find keywords while you browse, but once coupled with Google Keyword Planner, it becomes a powerhouse. Get it and leave me a comment if you love it.

2. Content Optimization

After discovering the right keywords to use, I’d optimize each post with precision. Finding the best keywords is probably more difficult than optimizing your content, so I’d advise that you do a bit of reading.

Content optimization is just a fancy term describing the content aspect of SEO. With content optimization, you’re tasked with using the keywords chosen from your keyword research process to ensure your article is relevant to the search terms being used by Internet searchers. The more relevant a search term is, the higher it’ll rank in search engines.

For example: If I wanted to rank for the keyword “how to get rid of no see ums at home”, I would use that keyword in strategic places throughout my blog post to ensure it’s relevant to what my readers would search for.  

3. Get a Few Backlinks

This is my lazy-go-to SEO strategy. Whenever I don’t have time but desperately need Google to quickly index my new blog posts, I try to build ‘easy’ links. I call them ‘easy’ because I don’t need to solicit them from other webmasters by writing a pitch to guest post. That would consume time that I desperately lack.

While these are called easy links, they didn’t come easy. It took a few years of research to find the best social bookmarking sites to get backlinks from.

Believe it or not, these links count. But, ensure to submit only to social bookmarking sites that aren’t spam blogs and won’t affect your blog negatively.

Some SEOs are skeptical about using social bookmarking sites to get backlinks. In fact, some say this is an unnatural method of building links, and as such, they prefer to guest post. However, my perspective is different, and I’ll definitely share my thoughts in a post soon.

Making your first few Amazon affiliate sales won’t come easy and even after performing the steps mentioned above, you’ll still need to exercise patience. To supplement, not all results are set in stone.

But, whatever you do, keep going at it. Keep producing quality content, follow proper webmaster guidelines, and promote your blog if you want to become successful. Despite what seasoned bloggers say, unless you dedicate the entire day – each day – to work on your blog, results will take longer to see.

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