How to Start a Blog Checklist

To get your own blog up and running, use my blog checklist to provide a bit of direction. This ‘start a blog checklist’ is in two editions – simplified and advanced. The simplified edition offers only bullet points without details, while the advance edition has additional information to provide clarity. 

How to Start a Blog Checklist

Reports from WordPress, a blogging platform, shows that about 87.2 million blog posts are produced per month through their content management system.

That handsome figure reveals that people are delving into the blogosphere and are using this method of earning online to their gain. It also implies that anyone with the desire to earn online can set up a blog. You don’t need a college education to begin.

With a bit of knowledge and guidance from someone who knows about the blogosphere, you can get started too.

This blog checklist isn’t the ultimate guide or everything you need to know about blogging. That information cannot be contained, especially since the blogosphere is dynamic.

What this guide will do, however, is provide the fundamentals or building blocks you need to setup and launch a blog.


Malleability and Willingness to Learn

Some things you’ll have to learn on your own. You are required to conduct further research to determine how best to proceed with the items on the list. The blog checklist provides the steps you need to take to bring the blog to life. In some instances, I will provide recommendations, but the ‘how to’ aspect of setting up is your obligation.

Harsh much? No. Let me explain.

When starting a blog, there are a plethora of options at your disposal. This might include the type of blogging platform you use, the type of name chosen for the blog, and a few other items that will be outlined in the blog checklist.

To succeed in setting up a blog, you must become as a child. A child is willing to learn and ask the right questions. If you need support when ticking off the items on the list, you can reach out to a community of bloggers in my blogger support group on Facebook. It’s free and won’t cost a penny to join. However, be sure to review the group’s description to see what’s expected of you.

How to Use the Blog Checklist

All the items presented on the checklist are important. If you fail to complete one, you won’t be able to set up a blog, at least not the right way. An incomplete blog isn’t functional. You must do everything as anticipated.

As you are just starting out, it might be best to complete the items in the listed order of things. Don’t try to jump the gun, unless you know what you’re doing.

The checklist is presented in a portable document format. The PDF isn’t fillable, so you cannot check the items off while it’s opened on your computer. However, what you can do is print the document and use it as a reference. It’s up to you.

Personally, I’d save on ink and just use it on my computer or tablet.

There are two versions of the blog checklist. The simplified and the advanced.

The simplified version is a two-page document which comes with the cover page and the actual blog checklist.

However, the advanced blog checklist provides a bit of insight into why this step or process is necessary.

The advanced blog checklist also provides recommendations or things I have done to launch my blog. You don’t have to heed the recommendations I suggest. However, if you’re really psyched about starting and wish to dodge a few common blog mistakes, happy blogging to you.

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