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Free Premium WordPress Plugins to Install Before Your Blog Hits The Scene


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Establishing a successful blog vastly outweighs writing and publishing a blog entry. A blog needs the ideal ecosystem to thrive. Plugins are crucial elements of your blog’s ecosystem and should be employed extensively.

What are plugins, you might ask? This lengthy entry will unfurl what those are and provide answers to additional questions. These include what is a premium WordPress plugin and why is it important to install them on your blog? What are some free premium WordPress plugins that you must install?

Let’s get down to business.


What Is a Plugin?

If you’ve ever used an extension on Google Chrome to enhance your personal or work life, you’ve experienced the power of a plugin.

The ‘extension’ or add-on in question is a plugin. It is a piece of software (coded by some extremely talented developers) designed to provide added functionality and features to your blog.

When used on WordPress, these add-ons are appropriately called WordPress plugins. There is a WordPress plugin for everything! Though not all plugins are made equally, they assume a tremendous role.

Sadly, not all plugins are safe and secure. Some are gateways for unscrupulous individuals to gain unlawful access to your blog. To dodge that bullet, pursue free premium WordPress plugins and install them. These aren’t foolproof plugins, but they’re widely used and updated frequently.

What is a Premium WordPress Plugin?

The word premium has several connotations. While it can refer to a paid subscription or service, when used throughout this article, it means a plugin of exceptional quality or superiority.

A plugin that is referred to as ‘premium’ is widely used in the blogosphere because of its capacity and vastly outranks other plugins developed with similar functionality.

Why are Plugins Important to Add to Your WordPress Blog?

As previously mentioned, there’s a plugin for everything. These plugins will serve different purposes and differ in features. Using them appropriately add life and dynamics to your blog. Without them, your blog’s design would come under scrutiny, hackers could easily access your blog, and the world just might freeze over.

Do you get the picture? Premium plugins are important. You should use them, period.

10 Free Premium WordPress Plugins to Install Before Launching

Plugins are necessary additions to your blog, but you must regulate many you install. They consume resources. Resist the urge to use unnecessary or non-essential plugins to save on resources and prevent your blog from slowing down.

When you start using too many resources, your host would likely recommend that you upgrade your plan. That means paying more money, something you want to dodge as a new blogger.

Be wary of the plugins you use. Some have been infiltrated and may give people with malicious intent access to your blog. Without rambling further, here are some of the safest and free premium WordPress plugins you should install.

Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

The comment feature on your blog is a window that allows your readers to interact with you. The more engaged your blog is, the more relevant it seems.

Not all comments are upbuilding or warranted, however. Some are malicious and made strictly for promotional purposes.

Akismet Anti-Spam is a free premium WordPress plugin that runs submitted comments to your blog through an automated process. Downright spams are filtered and removed to protect your blog, accelerates your site’s performance and free-up disk space.

 Loginizer WordPress Plugin

Loginizer is the free premium WordPress plugin that protects your blog from brute force. Brute force is a method used to infiltrate your blog. This method focuses on trial and error with the intent to decode your blog’s log in detail.

This security plugin prevents brute force as it blocks IPs after too many login attempts. If someone does try to access your blog, too many incorrect tries will automatically prevent them from trying to re-access your blog through that unique address.

Wordfence WordPress Plugin

I’m cocksure you’d not leave the entrance to your home unsecure. Your precious blog is no exception. Not everyone delights in your success. There are countless unscrupulous opportunists aching to leech off your sweat and blood.

Your blog, just like your home, needs protection. Wordfence is that invisible lock that’ll hold your fort down. This free premium WordPress plugin forfends your blog from hackers and their unlawful attempts to gain access to your blog.

You slumber well at nights cognizant that your locks are secure. Wordfence monitors your blog while you blog like the boss you are.

You’ll have visual records to scrutinize to evaluate the IPs of scums who failed to infiltrate your blog. You’ll have an idea of the usernames they’ve painstakingly tried to gain access but to no avail.

The free version is packed-filled with goodies, but a paid subscription bolsters and fortifies your blog’s security. I’d suggest applying for a paid subscription once your blog starts bringing on consistent cheddar.

It’s best to prevent than cure. Damage control will cost more.

Jetpack by WordPress Plugin

 Jetpack is that mini-makeup kit most girls carry around. It’s replete with features and functionalities.

This free premium WordPress plugin allows you to monitor your website’s traffic and protects against spam and brute force. Jetpack boasts sharing features which accommodate seamless sharing across platforms, including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

It tackles the technicalities of blogging that would otherwise have your brain racking. Connect your website to Google Console, generate and submit a sitemap, and authenticate ownership of your blog.

Stop contending with issues such as sharing, blog performance, security, traffic, and others. While the free version of the plugin is effective, a paid subscription takes the cake. Why? With so many features and functionality, you’ll install fewer plugins, as Jetpack can be used for so many different things. That means less resource consumption and more blog speed! Awesome!

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

Once you’re working with images heavily, you’ll need a plugin that’s able to automatically change the sizes of your images to suit your theme. This plugin, though seemingly inconsequential, will come in handy when you realize how dreadful it is to change all your images manual to accomplish what you want done.

Another plugin that changes the size of your images on the fly includes OTF Regenerate Thumbnails.

Yoast SEO

You’ll need this plugin. There are others of its kind, but Yoast has a mention in this post because of how good and user-friendly it is.

Many features sported by the Jetpack plugin accompanies the Yoast plugin. However, there’s one feature of Yoast that you’ll especially want to use. It’s not a necessity, but this feature will serve as a guide.

Content optimization. If you want to optimize your blog posts for better exposure and traffic, Yoast will help.

All-In-One WP Migration

Let’s hope you’ll never have to use this plugin. However, stuff happens. This plugin helps to move your website from one location to the next. It exports the media files you host, database, plugins, and themes.

That sounds technical, right? It is but not for you. No technical experience is required to use it.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

If you’re almost (always) dissatisfied with the layout of your pages and posts, SiteOrigin Page Builder can customize your website. They offer a huge collection of widgets to get everything you need done.

It integrates well with WordPress and isn’t difficult to deal with.

There are so many plugins out there to explore. The plugins you use will principally depend on what you want to accomplish and the type of blog you have. If there’s something that you want done that your theme doesn’t provide, I’m sure there’s a plugin for that.


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