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As with any business (trade) undertaking, consumers expect to be kept in the loop. The Federal Trade Commission dictates that it’s necessary to unfurl how revenue streams to this blog, and extensively, my pockets.

To exercise remarkable business acumen and remain compliant, I’ve designed this short, yet spicy, disclosure to underscore how The Calculated Rambler earns its bread.

I am the rambler behind this blog. If I jump in and out of character, don’t be confused.

My berth is to talk about stuff. This blog is my throne, and I crack open my cranium to offer a glance at my knowledge base and expertise.

I’ve relished five animated and eventful years serving local and international clients, and this perky little blog allows me to share my journey and practice.

Blogging is my bread and butter. It fuels the meals I consume, adds warm clothing to my body, and influences the effort dedicated to the blog.

I provide tips and suggestions to my readers who support what I do. This support is expressed in a multitude of ways. When you share a blog entry or buy the products I recommend, it helps to keep the site operational.

The content expressed on The Calculated Rambler is multifaceted. The blog features images, illustrations, infographics, presentations, PDFs, book reviews, blog entries, and other content types. Producing these delicious treats require time and concerted effort.

The money earned from the blog is put to good use and ensures its longevity.

If you’re pondering how the blog earns money, proceed to the bullet points.

  • Affiliate Links

You can assume that all blog entries contain an affiliate link to a product or service. When you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I’m rewarded a small percentage of the item. When you buy through an affiliate link, it does not come at an additional cost to you. If, for example, a product I recommend is priced at $5, there aren’t any concealed fees to cover, unless you’re insuring the item or paying for shipping and handling.

  • Advertisements

Advertisements are common highlights of the blog. When you click through to an advertisement, I receive compensation from an advertising network. Advertisements may include, but not limited to banners, text, animated, and video ads.

  • Book Reviews

Unless stated, the books collected and reviewed on The Calculated Rambler aren’t sponsored. I’m well-read. If I’ve benefited from the counsel of collected books over the years, I may review them. The reviews are solely based on my opinion. I’ll not review a book if I’ve personally not read it. The books reviewed on the blog will contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through the links I recommend, I earn from that – a few cents to be exact.

  • Sponsored Posts

I rarely put out a sponsored post, but whenever one goes up on the blog, you’ll know when you see it. It usually reads, “This post was sponsored by [insert company name or website here]”. A company may sponsor a blog entry and provide compensation for the time allotted to complete the post and a mention of their business or service.

  • Courses

I may display courses throughout the blog. As a content strategist, I’ll sell my own courses and recommend a few that I find awesome and worth the spend. When these are featured on the blog, they’ll be properly disclosed.

  • Products – Tangible and Intangible

Physical and digital products sold through the blog will be properly disclosed to provide awareness. I’ll simply state that the product is my own and is not affiliated with another company.

  • Work Done – Services Rendered

A huge chunk of my earnings come directly from work done for clients. These aren’t proceeds coming directly from the blog, but a client may use it as a means to make contact to express interest in a service I offer. The compensation I receive for work done on the blog varies and may include tangible items ( I call these goodies and freebies), cash, or complimentary stay at a hotel.


The Calculated Rambler (https://thecalculatedrambler.com) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.


The tips, suggestions, strategies, and content expressed on The Calculated Rambler, are and will remain my own. I cannot guarantee that the methods used to improve the user experience and quality of my blog will work for you.

The strategies I recommend aren’t carved in stones. While you use the information given, be mindful that the extent to which I promote, create, and network with the blogosphere might not be the same work you put in.

The Calculated Rambler cannot, and will not, be held responsible for lost time, resources, and effort.