5 Tips to Create Graphics for Your Blog and Social Media Fast

Beautiful and illustrative images add to your blog what coffee brings to your mornings – vibrancy and good vibes.

Without appropriate images, you might lose touch with your readers. While images are important to your blog, creating aesthetically appealing ones take time and forethought.

You know what the struggle is like if you’ve ever sat down at your desktop to create a single image that consumed almost an entire day. What a waste of precious time!

I’m all for creating shortcuts and strategies that will allow me to use my time wisely, without compromising quality.

It took me awhile to get here, but I’m going to share a few tips on what I do to create images for my blog and social media channels fast.

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Make Use of Templates  

Create templates to spend less time on graphics. An image template simply houses the format you which to use for your images.

Especially if you’re big on branding and wish to maintain a consistent look across platforms and channels, templates are the way to go.

What if you like to mix things up a bit? No problem! That can be achieved with templates, too. You can create several templates. That makes it viable to change things up and add a bit of spice. Do what works for you but ensure to work with templates. They are great timesavers.

Use the Right Image Creation or Graphic Design Tool

What you use to create your blog and social media graphics make a world of difference. It’s best to choose a graphic design tool that you’re familiar with, something that’s easy to use and doesn’t involve any technical skills.

I love using Adobe Illustrator for images, but I find that it takes a great deal of time. To champion that problem, I use PowerPoint for most of my personal images but reserve Adobe Illustrator for clientele work.

PowerPoint is simple to use, and the features are easy to get around. You can accomplish so much by using it. Try it and let me know what you think!

Canva is also a graphic design tool with a lot of hype. I did use it a few times but prefer to stick with PowerPoint. The truth is, I prefer to find a few good tools and stick with them, rather than jumping between graphic design tools.


Use Stock Photos

Use Stock Photo - wonderfelle free stock

Unless you take your own shots for your blog, stock photos are the way to go.

The images you use for your blog and social media platforms don’t need to be extravagant. If you can find a few good images and add text overlays, that chumps having no image at all.

However, be warned. You’re violating someone’s intellectual property if you use an image you don’t have rights to or was given expressed permission to use.

Even if you found the image on Google, that doesn’t give you permission to use it. To find images for your blog and social media channels, use sites such as Pixabay and Unsplash. While those sites offer images, still check the user license to play it safe. You can use some images for personal but not commercial use.

Hire Out and Let Someone Else Contend with The Headache

This tip is only recommended if you want specific images for paid products. If you’re creating a book or an e-course, perhaps, it would be awesome having a few pictures that you own.

I borrow my husband’s skills when I need images for Printables. I still have to put the design together, but he usually gets me a nice illustration that aligns with what I want to get done.

If you lack the requisite resources to hire someone to create your graphics, commit to the aforementioned suggestions and learn to carve out your own.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect. The more you commit to creating graphics for your blog and social media channels, the better and faster you will get at it.

Your graphics are also as good as the tools you use. Practice honing a graphics creation tool that you like and know you will be able to commit to.

After trying the suggestions listed in this article on how to create social media graphics fast, don’t forget to check in and let me know if they were beneficial and which tip you especially appreciated.

  5 Tips to Create Graphics for Your Blog and Social Media Fast-

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