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Blogging Mistakes: 13 Blog Misconceptions and Myths to Dodge

Beginner bloggers are prone to making blogging mistakes. These mistakes, like any other, can cripple your efforts to proceed with your blog’s development and transform it into a money-making profession. Those blog misconceptions and myths don’t have to affect your blog’s impact, provided that you can identify them. In this …
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5 Tips to Create Graphics for Your Blog and Social Media Fast

Beautiful and illustrative images add to your blog what coffee brings to your mornings – vibrancy and good vibes. Without appropriate images, you might lose touch with your readers. While images are important to your blog, creating aesthetically appealing ones take time and forethought. You know what the struggle is …
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10 Actionable Must Try Blogging Tips for Beginners

A successful blog does not happen overnight. A blog requires hard work and a lot of love to yield fine fruits. How can you improve your blog and create content that your readers will love? These 10 blogging tips for beginners can help if implemented consistently.
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How to Write More Blog Entries to Update Your Blog Regularly

As a blogger, I cannot stress how important content is to developing your blog and creating the life you desire. However, writing consistently and regularly can be difficult. If you find that you’re having that problem quite too often, I hope that this article about how to write more blog …
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How to Start a Blog Checklist

To get your own blog up and running, use my blog checklist to provide a bit of direction. This ‘start a blog checklist’ is in two editions – simplified and advanced. The simplified edition offers only bullet points without details, while the advance edition has additional information to provide clarity.  …
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Blogger Support Group – The Meticulous Blogger

A blogger support group is a group created specifically with bloggers in mind. The aim of a blogger support group is to help existing bloggers promote and earn more from their blogs, and to get new and aspiring bloggers started on their journey.