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About TCR

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The Calculated Rambler (TCR), a digital marketing partnership, was conceived subsequent to a marriage between Samatha and Clarence, a Content Marketing Strategist and an Illustrator, respectively.

TCR focuses on developing and fortifying businesses through content creation and diversification. We believe that content is the vehicle that drives business growth and expansion. 

Businesses communicate with customers through the content they create. We help our customers bridge the gap by providing the ammunition they need to scale their business and earn a full-time income through blogging. 

We Teach You How to Publish, Connect, and Grow.

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Teach Businesses How to Build Awareness About Their Products and Services

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A blog can provide immense benefits and opportunities for product and service-based entities. Whether you’re an old-time blogger or you’ve recently commenced taking baby steps, we teach the know-how.

Your blog does not need to be a wasted investment. We’ll help pick up the pieces and align your blog with your brand and mission. Not getting enough traffic to your blog? Need help optimizing your existing content? Looking for additional ways to repurpose and make the best use of existing blog entries?

Our treasury is replete with the information you need to jumpstart your blog to create awareness around your products or services. With the right content and marketing strategy, TCR can help your blog gain organic traffic to make it easier for prospects to find your products and services via search engines.

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Teach People How to Become Full-Time Bloggers With a Full-Time Income

Misconceptions about blogging keep stockpiling like a sink of raunchy dishes. A common misconception is that bloggers don’t earn from what they do – blogging. Let’s debunk that assertion. Yes, bloggers do earn real tangible cash from their arduous labor. You can too. We teach how to do that too!

Blogging is a real profession that requires time, learning, commitment, and implementation.

We share the techniques we use so that you can dodge mistakes common to bloggers. We teach you how to choose a blog niche, how to select and register a domain name, what web host options you have at your disposal, and so much more.

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Set Up and Launch Your Blog So You Don’t Have To

Maybe you have the requisite skills or expertise to set up and launch your own blog. A lack of time, however, keeps squeezing you to a pulp. There’s just not enough time to settle down and launch your own blog. TCR to the rescue. We have something put aside just for you. We will set up and launch your blog so you don’t have to.

We’ll design an eye-catching blog that speaks right to the heart of your business. Internet users are drawn primarily to what first hit the eyes. While our designs grab their attention, the tips we disseminate for bloggers will teach you how to entertain and keep them coming back. It’s a partnership, one that you will extract immense benefits from.

We would love to enter beast mode and create a stunning blog for you. Click here to learn more

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